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Hi there ...

My name is Danielle

At Wild Flours Bake Shop, we strive to bring you the best in delicious, handmade cakes and desserts. Our head baker and chef, Danielle, is a trained expert with years of experience crafting exquisite treats. Danielle has a passion for making others feel special with her delightful creations.


"It's always the right time for dessert and my goal is to use my talents to make you feel special, loved and valued. You're worth the cake and you always have been!" 


Quality Ingredients

At Wild Flours Bake Shop, we believe that baking is a craft that should be taken seriously. We use only the highest quality ingredients, and whenever possible, local ingredients. It’s our mission to create delicious pastries and cakes that are made with real ingredients like butter, sugar, and flour, and nothing that’s overly processed. Our number one rule is that it should taste absolutely delicious. We also enjoy working with alternative allergen-friendly ingredients with the same goal in mind: it should always taste amazing.

From our clients:

Wow! We ordered a two-layer cake. The top layer was strawberry and the bottom was cookies & cream. Every bite of this cake is moist, fresh, and incredible. We gave an inspo idea and she nailed it! All of our guests and the birthday boy himself were speechless. 10/10!!!

Molleigh Hammer

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